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Company Honors
1. Jointown ranked the 93th of "China's Top 500 Listed Companies"which published by “Fortune”in 2021.,the 65th in the 2020 Fortune China 500 Private Enterprises, and 25th in the 2020 Fortune China 100 Private Enterprises.
2. Jointown ranked the vitality of 2021 China Listed Companies Brand value list top100, won the "2021 Best Listed Company" which published by hubei Listed Companies Association for three consecutive years, won the "Financial sharing cloud platform project" selected in 2021 listed companies digital transformation typical cases.
3. Jointown ranked the "Top 100 Pharmaceutical Business Enterprises in China", "13th Five-Year Plan" Enterprise Management Award for Outstanding Contribution in pharmaceutical industry, golden Bridge Award for "Annual Most Investment Value Pharmaceutical And Health Company", "investor Relationship Management Award for 2020" by China Securities Journal.
4. Jointown ranked no.1 among top 100 Private Enterprises in Hubei province, Top 20 Private Enterprises in Service Industry in Hubei Province, Top 100 Private Enterprises in Wuhan in 2021, and the place with the most Socially Responsible Listed Companies in Hubei Province in 2021.
5. Jointown won Enterprise credit AAA certificate.
6. "5G-based Chronic Disease Management Platform construction project for Key Population" was selected as the 5G+ medical and health application pilot project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
7. Good Pharmacists Chain was rated as the eighth in the overall competitiveness of China's pharmaceutical retail enterprises in 2019-2020; 2019-2020 National Chronic disease Service Demonstration store.
8. Jointown’ Chinese Traditional Medicine brand——Jiuxin was listed in "Top 100 Chinese Traditional Medicine Enterprises", "top 50 Growing Enterprises in China Pharmaceutical Industry in 2021", "Chinese Medicine Decoction Pieces Brand List of China Pharmaceutical Retail Terminal in 2021", and won the honor of clean brand base industry.
9. Rongzhi Technology (Wuhan) Co., LTD., Hubei Jiuzhou Yuncang Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., and Jiuzhoutong Chinese Herbal Medicine E-commerce Co., LTD., as new information technology enterprises, were selected into the storage of Hubei Kechuang "Gazelle" enterprises.
10. The high-speed material container shuttle system independently designed by Hubei Jiuzhou Yunzhi Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Jiuzhoutong, won the honor of "Recommended Product of China Storage Technology and Equipment in 2021".
1. Jointown ranked the 100th of "China's Top 500 Listed Companies", the 58th of the "2020 China's Top 500 Private Companies by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce", and the 1st of the "2020 Hubei's Top 100 Private Companies".
2. Jointown was given the titles of "A Law-Abiding Enterprise in the Most Influential List of China's Pharmaceutical Industry", "China's Top 100 Excellent Private Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Commercial Circulation", "National Outstanding Enterprise in Making Prominent Contributions to the Fight against COVID-19", "National Anti-epidemic Charitable Enterprise", "Hubei's Advanced Entity in the Fight against COVID-19", and "Award for Outstanding Anti-epidemic Contribution".
3. Haoyaoshi Chain Pharmacies ranked the 8th in the 2019-2020 China's Pharmaceutical Retail Comprehensive Competitiveness in terms of Nationwide Network Deployment and honored as the national model shop for chronic disease services from 2019 to 2020.
4. Jointown was rated as one of the Top 10 Standardized Planting Bases for High-Quality and Authentic Chinese Medicinal Materials on the Most Influential List of China's Pharmaceutical Industry.
5. The Group's CPC Committee was awarded the honorary title of "Provincial Advanced Primary Party Organization".
6. Logistics Headquarters won 4 practical patent certificates, one invention patent certificate, and one utility model patent certificate.
7. Jiuxin TCM Group under Jointown was listed in "China's Top 100 TCM Companies"; Jiuxin's products have been awarded the "Prize for the Most Potential TCM Brand in China" in the 40th anniversary of Medical Economics Daily.
8. The new version of the National Specifications for the Processing of TCM Decoction Pieces was announced by the National Pharmacopoeia Commission in 2020, and Jiuxin TCM Group has participated in the writing of processing specifications of 13 varieties.
9. Jointown Medical Devices Group Co., Ltd. won the "2020 Company of the Year for Medical Devices Supply Chain under Meiding Award" by the Medical Devices Supply Chain Branch of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing.
10. At the 7th China Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry Annual Conference in 2020, the sponsor Logistics Headquarters won the "Annual Logistics Enterprise of the Year".
1. Jointown ranked the 106th on the list of "Top 500 Chinese Listed Companies", 67th on the list of "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises 2019" by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, and No. 1 of "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hubei province 2019".
2. Won the titles of "National Model Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations", "National Advanced Private Enterprise for Targeted Poverty Alleviation", "Magnificent 70 Years, Striving for a New Era-Pharmaceutical Industry Backbone Enterprise for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China", and "Legal Construction Model Enterprise" of Hubei Province.
3. Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Logistics Co., Ltd. won the title of “The Best Service Enterprise of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics in 2019” and “The best Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics Center (Base) in 2019”.
4. Jointown Health Management Company provides infrared high temperature screening service for the 7th World Army Games.
5. The project of "Construction of Health Big Data Based Medicine Welfare Management Platform for Chronic Disease Patients" won the second prize and the project of "Enabling Family Doctor Services with Smart Wearable Devices based on the Internet of Things" won the Outstanding Award of the third National Community-Level Health Informatization Application Innovation Competition.
6. The "Research on Key Technologies and Intelligent Equipment for Clean Cutting of TCM" was listed in the special project of "Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine" of the Ministry of Science and Technology;The project of "Key Technology and Application of Quality Control of Superior Varieties of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hubei" jointly applied with South-Central University for Nationalities was awarded the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province.
7. In theTraditional Chinese Medicine Brand Conference, the brand “Jiuxin" was listed on the "Brand list of Authentic medicinal materials", and “Jiuxin"-branded Chinese wolfberry was listed on the "Brand List of High-quality Chinese traditional Medicine Decoction Pieces".
8. Haoyaoshi Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. won the honor of Top 20 Chinese Pharmacy Value Ranking in 2018 and 2019 and the honor of Top 100 Direct-sales Enterprises of Chinese Pharmacy Chain.
1. Jointown ranked 68th on the list of "2018 China Top 500 Private Enterprises" listed by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, “Top50 Brand Value List of China's Listed companies", and successively won the title of high-tech enterprise, the first prize of science and technology progress of the Ministry of Education, and the second prize of science and technology progress of Hubei province.
2. Launched the standard implementation of integration of informatization and industrialization and was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in November as enterprise that implement integration of informatization and industrialization.
3. Improved the enterprise intellectual property management system and obtain the National Intellectual Property Management System certification in July;
4. Continued to optimize the cold chain standardization system and won the title of National Standard Demonstration Enterprise in the "Operation Standard of Cold Chain Logistics of Medicines" in November;
5. Become the first enterprise in Hubei province to obtain the Credit Risk Mitigation Warrant (CRMW), that greatly enhanced the image of Jointown in the capital market;
6. Henan and Guangxi Jointown have successively obtained the honorary title of 4AGrade Logistics Enterprise of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.
1. In 2017, Jointown Group applied for the 7th Changjiang Quality Award of Hubei Province. After the procedures of data evaluation and on-site evaluation, Hubei Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision published results on its website on October 30, recommending Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. as the awarder of the 7th Changjiang Quality Award.
2. In April, Jointown won the 2017 National Outstanding Human Resource Management Award.
3. In May, Ehaoyao won the "Top 10 Pharmaceutical Internet Innovation" on 2017 China Pharmaceutical Industry Future Leaders Summit.
4. In July, Jointown ranked 101st on the list of Fortune China Top 500 and has ranked 1st among top 100 private enterprises of Hubei province for three consecutive years.
5. In August, Jointown won the Hubei Provincial Reform Award.
6. In September, JOINATIVE was awarded the Top 10 Enterprises of Traditional Chinese Medicine Agriculture in 2016 by Co-construction and Sharing Alliance of Chinese Medicinal Materials Base.
7. In December, Jointown Wuhan Dongxihu Modern Pharmaceutical Logistics Center was awarded the "National Intelligent Warehousing Logistics Demonstration Base".
8. Jointown gave great impetus to brand construction and technology research and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 5 products have been awarded the title of High-quality Decoction Pieces by The Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 varieties have been registered as high-tech products, and 13 technologies have been granted patent certificates.
9. In December, "Construction and Industrialization Demonstration of Quality Evaluation System of Traceable High-quality Chinese Medicine Decoction pieces" of JOINATIVE won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress awarded by Science and Technology Development Center of Ministry of Education.
1.In January, Jointown won the title of "Provincial Charity Enterprise" in 2016 awarded by Hubei Charity Federation and Hubei Provincial Government.
2.In March, Jointown was awarded the honorary title of "Wuhan Advanced Enterprise with Excellent Performance Mode" by Wuhan Quality Association.
3.In June, EhaoyaoOnline Pharmacy won the honorary titles of "The Most Influential E-Commerce Brand" and "The Most Valuable Pharmaceutical E-commerce" awarded by China Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Alliance.
4.On July 13, Jointown ranked 122nd on the list of Fortune China Top 500;
5.In August, JiuZhou Tianran won the second and third prize of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award respectively for "Standardized Planting and Product Comprehensive Study of Poria cocos" and "Quality Control and Standardized Production of Coptis Chinensis".
6.On September 21, Jointown ranked the 1st of Top 100 Private Enterprises of Hubei province.
7.In December, Jointown won the national "Top 50 Human Resource Management Excellence Award" in 2016 and the honorary title of "Top 10 Extraordinary Employers" of Hubei Province.
1.In February, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing awarded Fujian Jointown the “4A Logistics Enterprise”.
2.In April, Jointown was awarded the title of "2014 Advanced Safety Production Unit".
3.In August, Jointown won the Sunshine Award of Information Disclosure on China Securities Market (2014).
4.In September, Jointown won the 6th Wuhan Mayor's Quality Award.
5.In October, Heilongjiang Jointown was awarded the municipal "E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise".
6.In November, Jointown won the title of "2014-2015 Chinese Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry Enterprise of the Year".
7.In November, Jointown Dongxihu Modern Pharmaceutical Logistics Center was awarded the title of "2014-2015 Excellent Pharmaceutical Logistics Center in China's Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry".
8.In November, Jointown was awarded the title of "AA-Level Unit for Standardized Management of Archiving of Hubei Province" in 2015.
9.In December, Ehaoyao was nominated as the Top 10 Pharmaceutical E-commerce Enterprises in 2015 and was awarded the title of "Top 10 Chinese Pharmaceutical E-commerce Companies".
10.In December, Jointown was awarded the title of "Top 10 Pharmaceutical Internet + Innovative Enterprises" in 2015.
1.1 In January, Hubei Business Development Promotion Association awarded Jointown the Outstanding Enterprise of Hubei.
2.In March, Jointown won the title of "The 8th China Financial and Economic Fortune List -- The Most Valuable Listed Company in 2013" listed by HeXun.COM.
3.In April, The China Pharmaceutical Business Association recognized Jointown as one of the Top 20 Wholesalers in Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry of China in 2013.
4.In July, Fortune China released the list of top 500 companies, which was known as the Fortune 500. Jointown ranked 158th on the Fortune 500, 2 rankings higher over year in 2013. According to "2014 China Brands List" released by Hurun Research Institute, Jointown ranked 130th with brand value of 2.6 billion yuan.
5.In August, Jointown was once again listed the "Top 100 China Private Service Enterprise ".
6.Since September 8, Jointown has been included in the Hang Seng China A Industry Top Index in the 2014 constituent stock review.
7.In October, Wuhan Enterprise Confederation and Wuhan Entrepreneurs Association released the list of Top 100 Private Enterprises in Wuhan in 2014 and Jointown topped the list with its revenueof33.438 billion RMB.
8.In November, the Trademark of Jointown was recognized as "China Renowned Trademark".
9.In November, China Pharmaceutical Business Association awarded JoinTown"2013-2014Best Medical E-commerce Award", "Best Service Supplier Award", "Best Logistics Management Innovation Award" and "Best Quality management Innovation Award" of National Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry.
10.In December, Jointown was rated as the " Listed Company with Best Business Model" in the "2014Public Praise List of Listed Enterprises of China" organized by National Business Daily.
11.In December, Jointown won the honor of "2014 China Top 10 Happiness Enterprises" for its remarkable achievements in employee care, successful managerial competency and innovative organizational culture.
On January 14, Hubei Jointown Logistics Co., Ltd. was awarded "2012 Wuhan Credit Enterprise" by Wuhan Enterprise Credit Management Service Center.
In February, Wuhan Municipal People's Government awarded the title of Outstanding Private Enterprise in 2012.
In March, Jointown Hubei was awarded the 2012 Advanced Safety Production Unit of Hanyang District.
In April,Jointown was rated as Top 30 Logistics Enterprises of Hubei Province in 2012.
In May, The Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce of Hubei Province identified Jointown as a "Trustworthy Enterprise".
In July, Hurun Brand List 2013released. With brand value of 1.5 billion RMB, JoinTown ranked 174thon the list and 81st among private brands.
In September, Jointown was awarded the 2013 Wuhan Top 100 Enterprises and 2011-2012 Excellent Enterprise by Wuhan Enterprise Confederation.
In October, Jointown was rated the Top 100 Enterprises of Hubei Province 2013 by Hubei Enterprise Confederation.
In November, Wuhan Logistics Association awarded JoinTown the Outstanding Enterprise Logistics Industry.
In January, Jointown won the title of 2011 Tax Payment Meritorious Unit of Hanyang District.
In February, Jointown was selected by The Government of Hanyang District as the 2011 Advanced Safety Production Enterprise.
In May, Jointown was rated 2011Top 30 Logistics Enterprises of Hubei Province.
In July, The China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing recognized Jointown as an 5A Grade Logistics eEnterprise.
In August, Jointown ranked the 95th of the Top 500 Private Enterprises and 17th of the Top 100 China Private Service Enterprise.
In October, Jointown was listed in Top 100 Enterprises in both Hubei and Wuhan.Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the People's Government recognized Jointown as Excellent Private enterprise.
In October, the People's Government of Hubei Province awarded the title of Trustworthy Enterprise.
On October 25, Jointown was again awarded the A Grade rating of the A-share social responsibility report by Rankins CSR Ratings.
In November, Jointown was rated as 2012Top 10 Logistics Enterprises and Top 100 Brand Valued Enterprises of China logistics industry.
In December, Jointown ranked 1st among the Top 100 Private Enterprises of Hubei Province.
In February, Wuhan Municipal Government awarded Jointown Pharmaceutical Group the title of "Wuhan Harmonious Enterprise".
In April, Jointown won the title of "Top 10 Logistics Enterprises in Wuhan" and was appointed as the Executive Vice President Unit of Wuhan Logistics Association.
In July, Fortune China Top 500 list was released on its official Chinese website, and Jointown ranked 161st.
In August, Jointown was rated as ranking 70th of the "2011 China Top 500 Private Enterprises"by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and was the top among Hubei enterprises.
In September, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association released the list of 2011 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. Jointown has been listed in the Top 500 Chinese enterprises for seven consecutive years, ranking 349.
In September, the Party Committee of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group won the title of "“National Party Organization for Strong Enterprise Development & Party Building and Excellent Overall Performance" of non-public enterprise.
In November, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group was awarded the“A+ Grade rating of the A-share listed companies Environment Social Governance Report Rating" on the third A-share listed companies social responsibility report summit forum and the awarding ceremony of social responsibility rating of listed companies.